Policy and Outreach

Please, click on the images above to watch the recordings of my policy interventions on Gender, Peacebuilding and Feminist Foreign Policy.

I am often called upon for insights and expertise, be it in the academic community, media,  or the wider community. My policy and community engagement activities in English, French and Spanish involve regular participation, in collaboration with the national governments and international organisations, in multinational policy dialogues on political and strategic affairs in gender, feminist foreign policy, and climate change and conflict dynamics, alongside representatives of governments, academia, and civil society. For example, I have given talks and advice based on my research findings at the Belgium Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Belgium Institute for the Equality between Men and Women, European External Action Service, European Parliament, UNWOMEN in New York, and the Brussels City Council, and I have provided advice to the Canadian government on several issues related to feminist foreign policy, the Women, Peace and Security agenda, and gender, defense and, environmental degradation.

Beyond ad hoc consulting work, recent outputs deriving from these activities include:

Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you or your organisation believe my expertise could be of value to you.